The US office in Santa Barbara

IES Capital Partners (“IESCP”) was established in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden and focuses on healthcare buy-and-builds and disruptive start-ups. In 2019 we established a US office located in Santa Barbara, CA to be closer to the US market.

We work with co-investors to take positions in companies that have a disruptive business model in selected healthcare sectors. In some cases we will operate on a temporary basis in the companies until a permanent management team is in place.

Our partners in the US include blue chip private equity and venture capital firms as well as industry veterans giving us access to off-market opportunities.

Currently we hold positions and are actively involved in a number of companies in the dental industry in both Europe and the US. The dental industry, fueled by rapidly advancing technology and materials, offers a number of concrete opportunities to capture and exploit market gaps, which are not being addressed by incumbent players.